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Mini Herdsires

Our breeding jacks
Bainbridges Gizmo

  wooly donkeys

Date of Birth: 10/10/15
Color: Dk, brown and white spot
Height: 27 1/4

Sire: Heikens Ark Herkules 27"
Dam: Papettis Eggstrodinary Allana 29"

Every breeder tries to improve the generation before thm...always striving to improve their stock.  Well, I think I accomplished it..Hercules was a great, tiny herdsire, but his son, Gizmo has outdone his father....impeccable conformation, super stocky, straight legs, great color and a wonderful personality to top it off.  Gizmo is 27 1/4 inches tall and beautifully marked.  He has his first herd of girls this year, so look for his offspring in the spring/summer of 2020 

Bainbridges Murphy

mini donkeys
Date of Birth: 06/25/2012
Color: black, brown and white
Height: 32"

Sire: GM Conrads Preferred Stock
Dam: Bainbridges Burnt Coffee

After Murphy was born here, I sold him...after seeing pictures of him as an adult, I set out to try and get him back!! Thank you to Dee Schroeder for allowing me to have him back!! Look for his babies in Spring of 2019!!!
MGF Raggety Andy

mini donkeys
Date of Birth: 6/1/2009
Color: Brown and white wooly
Height: 32 1/2"

Sire: MGF Absolute 31" Dk. brown and white spot
Dam: MGF Eleanore 340 Gray and white spot

Thank you to Laura Stouffer for allowing me to purchase Raggety Andy. He is a wonderful outcross for my Harry Houdini and Dr. Shivago girls. He is brown and white spotted and 32.5 inches tall. I look forward to his babies in summer of 2015!
MGF Dr. Shivago

mini donkeys  wooly donkeys

Date of Birth: 06/05/2005
Color: Black and White Wooly

Sire: Arrow Creek Harry Houdini - 34" Black Wooly
Dam: MGF Venus la Rimsky-Korsakov - 32" Dark Spotted

I bugged Jerry McRoberts for years to buy Dr. Shivago. Jerry would not budge...and I never blamed him for it. If I owned him, I would not have sold him either! 6 years later, my dream has come true. Thanx to Barb McRoberts, Kim Zellers and I were able to purchase Dr. Shivago and we are thrilled. Dr. Shivago will live at my farm for 6 months out of the year and spend the other 6 months at Kims farm (KZ Asspiration Acres). Look for his babies in Summer of 2013


Papetti's Little Man

mini donkeys
Date of Birth: 10/20/2010
Color: Dark brown
Height: 27 1/2

Sire: Heikens Ark Hercules 27" dark spot
Dam: Asspiration Acres Hearts A Fire 30" red

Little Man is a MICRO MINI herdsire. Standing at only 27 1/2" tall,he has pin straight legs, a great filled out round rump and a tiny square head, compliments of his sire, Hercules. We currently have several of his foals on the ground and they are exceptional. His trademark small head and great per portion is passed on to his babies. We are proud to have him in our herd.
Bainbridge's Turbulence

mini donkeys
Date of Birth: 05/08/2007

Sire: MGF Homer, black and white spot
Dam: Wind Songs Amanda Dark brown spot

Turbulence was born here years ago...I knew I had something good when he hit the ground. I sold him as a yearling to be a herdsire in Ohio. This spring I called his owner back and begged him to sell him back to me...after alot of pleading, he finally gave in. He is now back home. He is 31 1/2 tall. Turbulence is the son of MGF Homer. Look for his babies in the fall of 2012. *********Turbulence has been SOLD***He will now live in Pa with a new herd of girls!!!*****


Heikens Ark Kennedy

mini donkeys
Date of Birth: 06/06/2003
Color: Black/brown and white
Height: 31 1/4

Sire: Heikens Ark Dandy 301/4 spot
Dam: Circle C Kali 34" Dk Brown

Kennedy came to Kim Zellers and I from Doc Gardner..He is a beautiful jack...this picture does not due him justice...cant wait to have his foals on the ground in summer 2016.

Donkette Korral Patent Pending

mini donkeys
Date of Birth: 05/12/2011
Color: Black and white spot
Height: 29 3/4"

Sire: Donkette Koral Bandit 30 1/2 Dk. brwn and white spot.
Dam: Circle C Black Patent 28" black

I want to thank Jim Halterman for agreeing to part with this magnificent jack. Not only is he small, but he takes your breath away with his looks and conformation. I could not have done better!! Patent Pending"s mother is the tiny and beautiful Circle C Black Patent. While his sire, Bandit has produced some of the most colorful, correct donkeys on the east coast.